The Studio@SG is the largest dedicated photo studio in Singapore with more than 120 sq. m. of dedicated shooting space. That’s right, dedicated shooting space --- excluding storage and make up areas, changing rooms, toilets, etc.. Plenty of clear working space just for you to bring to life your imagination in a professional studio. Of course, a professional make up area and separate changing rooms are also available in the same space for your talents’ convenience.

Fitted with a 5 m by 7.5 m cyclorama wall, multiple paper and muslin cloth backdrops, the Studio@SG allows the artist in you to concentrate on creating your imageries. Our full height walls are solid brick and double layered gypsum boards with 80 kg/m2 rockwool infill, providing excellent sound proofing. Thick theatre curtains further improve sound absorption within the studio and provide privacy to the make up and changing rooms.

Four dedicated ceiling mounted airconditioning units ensure a comfortable working environment, photography workshops and medium sized events.

Situated in the award-winning Singapore G Building, the Studio@SG provides a respectable venue for you to meet your clients. With access to goods lifts, and a floor to ceiling height of 5.5 metres, the Studio@SG can also cater to larger product shoots.